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  • Cargo Partition Mounts

    Cargo Partition Mounts (6)

  • Cargo Partitions

    Cargo Partitions (22)

    Troy Products cargo partitions are designed to keep the cargo area of your SUV secure, while also providing features not readily available in other partitions on the market. Troy Products cargo partitions are available for all major makes and models.
  • Command Post Accessories

    Command Post Accessories (7)

  • Command Post Mounting Brackets

    Command Post Mounting Brackets (1)

  • Command Posts

    Command Posts (36)

    Troy Products offers a full line of command posts to meet the challenging demands facing today’s public safety professionals. Modular in design, Troy command posts can be configured to meet almost any operational need and work with almost any type of vehicle. Choose from full-size or half-size units and choose from a wide variety of modular components such as map drawers, storage drawers, communication centers, whiteboard modules, equipment storage and more. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives at 800-700-TROY (8769) to find a solution tailored to your particular needs. *Important Note* Command post shown are intended to provide a visual reference to sizes, configurations and features. Always confirm a command post will fit your vehicle before you purchase. If you need assistance determining the fit, please contact customer service at 800-700-8769.
  • Computer Mounts

    Computer Mounts (74)

    Troy computer mounts incorporate innovative features that are designed to improve officer safety and increase officer productivity. One-handed adjustment combined with a wide range of motion, extension and rotation allow the computer to be easily placed in the optimal position to keep a valuable line-of-site on the suspect vehicle during a traffic stop. The unique TROY slide-arm feature extends and allow the computer to be accessed from the passenger side of the vehicle thereby eliminating the need to step into busy traffic lanes. These purpose-driven features are designed specifically to help increase officer safety! These same features also allow the computer to be easily positioned in to the best possible ergonomic work position for increased productivity when working on the computer while in the vehicle. Value-added features such as needle bearings in rotation points and tapered notches in areas designed to rotate and slide ensure strength and stability and significantly reduce nuisance rocking and vibration. And to save on installation costs and to eliminate the potential for lost parts, TROY computer mounts are shipped completely assembled.
  • Console Accessories

    Console Accessories (76)

    TROY offers a large selection of console accessories: beverage holders, arm rests, coin trays, internal locking boxes, printer mounts, file boxes and many more items designed to bring you comfort and convenience.
  • Console Floor Mounts

    Console Floor Mounts (14)

    Troy Products consoles, rails, computer mounts and some accessories are installed into a vehicle via a no-holes-drilled floor mount. Different vehicles use floor mounts specific to that vehicle. Most Troy Products floor mounts use the same universal base plate. Only the tabs (or feet) are customized to bolt easily to existing OEM seat boltholes assuring a strong, rugged fit. To eliminate vibration regardless of load, we also include tabs for mounting to rear seat boltholes. When transferring a console from one vehicle to a different year or to a completely different vehicle, you may need to order only the tabs. Ask before you order a complete floor mount kit and save money. If your vehicle has a bench seat, there is no way for a floor mount to be installed. The console / computer mount would have to be bolted to the vehicle transmission hump or floor; or, you could use a console style that is installed some place other than between the seats (overhead, dashboard, etc).
  • Consoles

    Consoles (127)

    Troy Products offers a full product line of robust consoles for use in cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles. Purpose-driven features include low profile designs to create more hip room for the officer. Sloped console designs position siren and radio control heads in the optimum position for maximum visibility and ease of use. Vehicle specific console provide the perfect fit-and-finish and eliminate unsightly gaps between the console and dash. Wide-body console are an excellent choice for truck and sport utility vehicles and can include a large open storage section along the full length of the console. Welded construction, 11 gauge steel, powder coat finish and replaceable face plate rails ensure a fully functional console for years and years of even the most rugged service!
  • Door Panels

    Door Panels (8)

    Troy Products steel door panels are designed to work with Troy window screens. Designs are flat and non-intrusive into back-seat space.
  • Electronics Box

    Electronics Box (1)

    Electronic equipment storage
  • Face Plates

    Face Plates (1)

    Face plates
  • Front Partition Mounts

    Front Partition Mounts (20)

    TROY front partition mounts are designed to allow 100% seat slide and some seat-back recline. For additional seat-back recline, TROY offers its "big-boy" mount. When possible, TROY partition mounts are no-holes-drilled designs. In the featured photograph, we show the Ford PI Utility partition mount. It requires no drilling, no cutting, and not even the removal of the B pillar cover to install. It is quick and easy to install resulting in installation labor savings. Big-boy partition mounts are available for the Ford PI Utility and sedan, Dodge Charger, Chevy Caprice and 2015-2016 Chevy Tahoe.
  • Front Partitions

    Front Partitions (37)

    TROY PRODUCTS offers a wide variety of front partitions designed to meet the rigorous demands of prisoner transporting. All TROY front partitions include: ● 100% driver-side seat slide for maximum leg room ● Side curtain airbag compliance ● Rigid upper wing panels designed to prevent access to officers ● Full tubular partition framing for added strength and integrity ● Various window styles, mounting kits and space-making options TROY partitions also include a full variety of window styles, various crawl-through preventions barriers in sliding-window models, optional mounting kits for more extra seat-back recline, and welded-in foot pockets in partition kick panels. Choose between window-insert and pre-punched window partition models.
  • Kick Panels

    Kick Panels (43)

  • Middle Partitions

    Middle Partitions (1)

  • Organizers

    Organizers (16)

    Cargo organizers help keep your equipment organized, easy to access, safe and in good condition. Choose from a wide variety of models that include models with lockable compartments for weapon storage. Cargo organizers fit in the trunk of sedans as well as the cargo area of sport utility vehicles. Custom solutions are also available!
  • Printer Mounts

    Printer Mounts (4)

    Troy Products provides mounting solutions for in-vehicle printers that can mount to your console or the floor of the vehicle. Choose from a variety of mounts to best suit your application. TROY printer mounts work with both Pentax and Brother printer models. Featured in the photograph is TROY's low-profile design: AC-PENPRTR-90. The printer is oriented sideways to reduce front-to-back use of space.
  • Sedan Trunk Products

    Sedan Trunk Products (12)

    Troy Products offers various solutions for mounting electronic components in the trunk of the vehicle. Solutions include full or half-size sliding trays, fixed vertical trunk wall trays, hinged side-wall trays as well as other products that ensure a secure environment for expensive electronic equipment. Trays include heavy-duty slides or rugged hinges for easy access to the mounted products. Photo to the left shows a height-adjustable sliding half-tray as well as a lockable, tilt-down wheel well tray.
  • Weapon & Storage Vaults

    Weapon & Storage Vaults (98)

    Troy Products weapon and storage vaults are specifically designed with security, durability and reliability to ensure a built-to-fit and built-to-last product. Vaults are constructed of either .09 sheet aluminum or 12 gauge steel and come standard with lockable draw-tight handles to pull the drawer tight and eliminate annoying drawer rattles. Heavy-duty ball bearing drawer slides will operate smoothly and efficiently for years of rugged service. With over 100 various sizes and configurations available, let us help you find the perfect fit for your application and vehicle type. And if a standard vault doesn’t meet your needs, we’d be honored to work with you for the perfect custom solution to meet your specific needs. *Important Note* Storage vaults shown on this site are intended to provide a visual reference to sizes, configurations and features. Always confirm a TROY vault will fit in your vehicle before you purchase. If you need assistance determining the fit, please contact customer service at 800-700-8769.
  • Weapon Mount

    Weapon Mount (6)

    TROY PRODUCTS designs and manufacturers vehicle gun mounts with theft-deterrent features to increase the security of your weapons! ● Mounting bolt hole locations strategically placed and can be covered by the gun lock brackets and the foot brackets. Unauthorized attempts to remove gun mount from the partition are virtually impossible! ● Exclusive wire channels eliminate exposed wiring to prevent “jumping” of wires to pop open the locks! ● Gun lock mounting brackets are uniquely designed to prevent ability to unbolt gun locks from main rail! ● Slotted main rail makes it easy to adjust gun lock and butt plates to suit your specific application. ● Various lock bracket configurations work with the simplest rifle or rifles with advanced accessories. ● Gun mount will accommodate a variety of gun locks (sold seperately). Don’t compromise the security of your weapons! Trust in Troy weapon mounts!
  • Window Guard

    Window Guard (50)

    TROY makes three types of window guards: welded bar, diamond-punched screen, and polycarbonate panel. Welded bar designs are available in vertical and horizontal orientations. TROY window guards are designed to work with the OEM door panels or with the TROY replacement door panels.
  • 2-CP-THFS-MNT Cargo Mounting Straps
    2-RMNT-CARGO Mounting Kit for TP-CARGO
    2-RMNT-SUB-15 Suburban Cargo Partition Mount
    2-SAB-CH11 Dodge Charger Standard Partition Mounting Kit
    2-SAB-CH11-BB Dodge Charger Big Boy Partition Mounting Kit
    2-SAB-DG-RAM Dodge Ram Partition Mount
    2-SAB-DUR-BB Durango SSV Big-Boy Partition Mount
    2-SAB-EXP07 Ford Expedition Partion Mounting Kit
    2-SAB-EXP18 2018 Expedition Front Partition Mount
    2-SAB-F150-15 Ford F150 Partition Mount
    2-SAB-F250-B Ford F250 Partition Mount
    2-SAB-FDPI Police Interceptor Sedan Partition Mounting Kit
    2-SAB-FDPI-BB Police Interceptor Sedan Partition Mounting Kit with added seat back recline
    2-SAB-FDPI-SM Police Interceptor Sedan Bent-Frame Space Maker Partition Mount
    2-SAB-FDUV Police Interceptor UV Partition Mounting Kit