CP-2P392223-MS1 Single Tall-Profile Storage Box with Single-Map Drawer Module Assembly

Combination of 16.75″ tall storage box with 5.25″ tall single map drawer module bolted to top

Part No: CP-2P392223-MS1 Categories: , , ,
  • CP-GB392216-TL storage box
  • CP-SINGLEMAP-MS aluminum map drawer module
  • Bolted together as one assembly
  • Single map drawer bolted to top of storage box
  • Fits Police Interceptor Utility
  • Fits other SUVs with cargo area width of minimum 39″ and wider
  • Must be positioned further forward in cargo area of PI Utility (8″) if access to spare tire is required
  • Cargo lift-up mount for PI Utility and civilian Explorers sold separately
  • Cargo mounting kits for other SUVs (Tahoe, Expedition) sold separately
Compatible Vehicle Make


Vehicle Model

Civilian Explorer, Expedition, Police Interceptor Utility, Tahoe

Vehicle Model Year

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017







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