TROY weapon and storage drawers include a steel housing (for robustness) and aluminum drawers (for light weight). Heavy-duty ball-bearing slides are used. For some applications, lock-out slides are requested. As a standard, weapon and storage drawers include draw-latch key-lockable handles. The draw-latch feature pulls the drawer face against the box when turned close to eliminate drawer-face rattle. As an option, you can request a push button lock. Weapon/storage designs can be ordered with a single drawer, with two drawers side by side, or in multiple-drawer configurations. Drawers are lined with 1″ thick rigid foam and the tops of boxes feature gray outdoor carpet.

The weapon box featured in the photo includes a brand-new feature: a working surface on lock-out slides. Part no. CP-TRAY-403012.

CP-227210-TL Single Drawer Truck Bed Storage Box
CP-2D-483318-PB Two-Drawer Storage Box
CP-2D-484210PBK Two-Drawer Storage Box
CP-2DRAWER Two-Drawer Storage Vault
CP-2DRAWER-PBK Two-Drawer Storage Box
CP-2DRWR-MS Two-Drawer Storage Vault
CP-2DRWR-MS-PB2 Two-Drawer Storage Vault
CP-2P392223-MS1 Single Tall-Profile Storage Box with Single-Map Drawer Module Assembly
CP-3926-3DPB Three-Drawer Storage Vault SWAT Cabinet
CP-3DRWR-PB3 Three-Drawer K-9 Cabinet
CP-403212-2S Single Drawer Storage Box with Divider
CP-403212TL-IPD Single Drawer Storage Vault with interior dividers
CP-4429-PB-LIP Single Drawer Storage Vault with Two Dividers
CP-443811-TL Single Drawer Storage Vault
CP-483318-TL Single Drawer Weapon Vault