Troy Products consoles, rails, computer mounts and some accessories are installed into a vehicle via a no-holes-drilled floor mount.

Different vehicles use floor mounts specific to that vehicle. Most Troy Products floor mounts use the same universal base plate. Only the tabs (or feet) are customized to bolt easily to existing OEM seat boltholes assuring a strong, rugged fit. To eliminate vibration regardless of load, we also include tabs for mounting to rear seat boltholes.

When transferring a console from one vehicle to a different year or to a completely different vehicle, you may need to order only the tabs. Ask before you order a complete floor mount kit and save money.

If your vehicle has a bench seat, there is no way for a floor mount to be installed. The console / computer mount would have to be bolted to the vehicle transmission hump or floor; or, you could use a console style that is installed some place other than between the seats (overhead, dashboard, etc).

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AC-TH15-MNT Tahoe and Suburban Console Floor Plate with 1.9″ rise for Standard-Width Consoles
AC-TH15-WB Tahoe and Suburban Wide-Body Console Floor Plate

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