Mid-size command posts are typically 39″ wide to fit in vehicles such as the new Ford Police Interceptor Utility, Dodge Durango, Ford Escape. Mid-size command posts also can be used in larger vehicles (such as Tahoe, Suburban, Expedition) leaving about 9″ of additional width to store more items in the cargo area. All of the features in full-size command posts are used in mid-size models. The file drawer remains the same size used in full-size command posts but storage and map drawers are smaller.

TROY offers one unique design for the PI Utility that is designed to mount to TROY’s cargo lift-up mount for access to the spare tire. The command post is a staggered design to make sure it clears when the cargo mount is fully lifted. This command post is featured in the photo. The part number is CP-MS-UV-1DWB.

CP-2SU95 MS1 Mid-Size Mobile Command Post CP-2SU95
CP-3D-MS1-30 Mobile Command Post
CP-CMS1-WB Mobile Command Post
CP-MS-UV-1DWB Mobile Command Post
CP-MS12D-FP Mid-Size Modular Mobile Command Post
CP-UV-COMMAND Mobile Command Post
CP-UV-GB1DMS1 Custom Command Post