Limited Warranty

The TROY limited warranty covers materials of construction and workmanship. Normal wear and tear and product finishes are not included. Product finishes that bubble and/or flake off in areas not subject to friction are included for one year. Warranty is limited to replacing defective goods and does not include claims of damage to parts not manufactured by TROY PRODUCTS. No claims for labor or damages will be allowed by Seller or Manufacturer nor will Seller or Manufacturer be subject to any further liability. If parts appear to be defective, their use should be immediately discontinued and the Seller notified promptly so the matter can be investigated without delay. If upon investigation by TROY PRODUCTS it is discovered that the causes of failure were due to conditions beyond the control of TROY or misuse or abuse, all guarantees are void.


Warranty Periods

Partitions 5 Years
Consoles 5 Years
Console Accessories 2 Years
Equipment Trays 5 Years
Computer Mounts 2 Years
Partition Accessories 5 Years
Trunk Organizers 5 Years
Weapons Boxes 2 Years
Custom Products 1 Year
Command Posts 2 Years
Product Finishes 1 Year