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  • Consoles

    We offer a full line of consoles for installation in law enforcement and fire vehicles including cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles (SUV).

  • Window Bars & Door Panels

    Troy Products offers window screens and door panels in different styles for a variety of vehicle models

  • Organizers

    Trunk & cargo organizers help keep your equipment organized, easy to access, safe and in good condition.

  • Computer Mounts

    Our new line of mobile computer mounting solutions ensure strength and stability throughout the long life of the product.

  • Weapon Mounts

    We offer several mobile mounting solutions for weapons, including various partition mounts suitable for shotgun, M-4 and more.

  • Trunk Trays & Plates

    We offer vehicle trunk mounting equipment providing a clean, safe environment, including sliding tray, fixed wall or hinged wall plates.

  • Partitions & Accessories

    Troy Products offers a full line of high quality partitions for both front cages and rear partitions, with a host of features.

  • Weapon Storage

    Troy Products works with agencies to custom-make weapon storage boxes to suit multiple needs, available in sliding drawer or locking lid designs.

  • Command Posts & Cabinets

    Our command posts are made of aluminum to keep weight to a minimum and are modular to configure and suit your application.