The largest assortment of long-lasting, high-quality, public safety vehicle products available from a single source!

Our Product Lines

  • Consoles

    We offer a full line of consoles for installation in law enforcement and fire vehicles including cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles (SUV).

  • Window Bars & Door Panels

    Troy Products offers window screens and door panels in different styles for a variety of vehicle models

  • Organizers

    Trunk & cargo organizers help keep your equipment organized, easy to access, safe and in good condition.

  • Computer Mounts

    Our new line of mobile computer mounting solutions ensure strength and stability throughout the long life of the product.

  • Weapon Mounts

    We offer several mobile mounting solutions for weapons, including various partition mounts suitable for shotgun, M-4 and more.

  • Trunk Trays & Plates

    We offer vehicle trunk mounting equipment providing a clean, safe environment, including sliding tray, fixed wall or hinged wall plates.

  • Partitions & Accessories

    Troy Products offers a full line of high quality partitions for both front cages and rear partitions, with a host of features.

  • Weapon Storage

    Troy Products works with agencies to custom-make weapon storage boxes to suit multiple needs, available in sliding drawer or locking lid designs.

  • Command Posts & Cabinets

    Our command posts are made of aluminum to keep weight to a minimum and are modular to configure and suit your application.

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Who We Are

Since 1991, Troy Products has been designing and manufacturing products for use in mobile applications. Primary markets served by Troy Products include law enforcement, public safety, utilities, military, federal, and transportation. With on-site engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Troy Products is poised to provide its customers with the largest assortment of mobile consoles, mounts, panels and storage from a single source. We offer off-the-shelf designs and also work hand-in-hand with agencies to design custom products guaranteed to meet specific demands for safety, comfort, convenience and aesthetics. Our products are also extremely rugged, ensuring a long lasting product lifespan. What began years ago from working with with a local police department to custom-design a metal console to house the electronic equipment (radios, scanners, light switches, etc.) in their vehicles, has since turned into a nationally known company and brand that is synonymous with high quality components that provide ergonomic benefits in public safety mobile environments.



Doug Videgar INSTALLER, Electronic Engineering Com
Troy Products is the best in the market for console and partition equipment

Troy Products is the best in the market for console and partition equipment. Very high quality, nice finish, and precision fitting equipment. They are reasonably priced.They have a knowledgeable staff of techs and customer service. I have been a satisfied customer for years. They make sure that you and the end user are well taken care of. Ask for Judy or Jorge!